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Hollywood Platinum Airbrush

VOTED NO 1 Spray Tan Salon IN Orange County by Channel 7 news.

VOTED NO 1 Spray Tan Salon IN Orange County VOTED NO 1 Spray Tan Salon IN Orange County

All Bare Tan Spray Tan Airbrush Technicians are ATI certified by the

VOTED NO 1 Spray Tan Salon IN Orange County

Voted Best Sunless Spray Tan Tanning Salon in Orange County 4 years in a row by

Important Preparation Tips before the Airbrush

24 hours prior to application you should use an exfoliating scrub . Shave Legs: When Shaving use a clean fresh sharp razor, and either mild gel soap or non irritating shave products. This lubricates the skin. With either shave product wash skin well with a with a mild shower gel to minimize any product residue on skin,, which can cause irritation, and affect DHA penetration. Bar Soaps can be over drying to the skin .On Tanning days ,all shower soaps should be mild. Avoid heavy moisturizing variety which can lead to skin coating. If you are going to wax your legs, please do so the day before. Make up should be removed. Do not moisturize the morning of the application. Moisturizer will inhibit the ability of the mist to soak in properly. Wear old dark colored undergarments to be sprayed in. DHA solution will completely wash out of cotton. It will not wash out of synthetic, leather or suede.

Important Tips after the Airbrush

Do not work out or shower for at least 8 hours after application. Sweat can cause a natural reaction that results in poor color and uneven tanning. When showering use a moisturizing body wash product, to help keep skin moist. Any mild shower gel will work. Citrus and Vanilla scented varieties can minimize any "after tan" yeasty smell. Use a soft mesh plastic ball shower poof in the shower.(You can pick these up cheaply at discount and dollar stores. Feel them for softness, as some can be very hard, scratchy or harsh). You may notice some tint or color wash-off in the shower. This is fine, and normal. This is the excess solution left on the skin surface, and the tinted color guide. The Sunless Tan is still absorbed into the skin and will show color. Avoid any hard scrubbing or exfoliation in the shower, that will remove or lighten the tan. Pat the skin dry, don't rub.

  • Preparation: shower 2-3 hours before, exfoliate and shave.
  • Come in with no lotion, deodorant, or makeup on.
  • Whole process takes about 15-20 mins.
  • There are 5 different levels of color to choose from. It lasts about 5-7 days. Completely customized.
  • No showering or working out for 8-12 hours after getting sprayed.
  • Best to wear something darker colored and loose fitting for after.

Bare Tan Irvine / Newport Beach introduced the Hollywood Platinum Airbrush Spray Tan in 2005.

Instructional video of Airbrush Irvine

Hollywood Platinum Airbrush

Spray Tan Exclusive to Bare Tan Orange County in Irvine

Our exclusive Ingredients deliver the natural tanned look guaranteed to satisfy any skin type. You will look like you just stepped off the beach.

"The Airbrush Tan was amazing; I was twice as tanned as doing mystic with no scent whatsoever. I felt and looked beautiful for Valentines Day; My husband sure was happy" -Carolyn Edwards Member since 2001

"The Hollywood Platinum Airbrush was so even i couldn't believe it. I am not one for following directions and doing things myself. The" Hollywood Platinum Airbrush " really is Foolproof " -Lexie Anderson Member Since May 2006

The Platinum Tan Extender

Features and Benefits of the Platinum Tan Extender

  • The Platinum Tan Extender bonds with the natural proteins in the skin, forming a hydration-seal.
  • The hydration-seal locks in moisture, providing continual hydration throughout the day, leaving your skin refreshed and healthy.
  • Using the Platinum Tan Extender will give the body an optimal hydration level, thus minimizing the appearance of darker and lighter areas on the skin.
  • The specialized ingredients in the Platinum Tan Extender will help the skin absorb the Hollywood Platinum Airbrush deeper into the skin for a longer-lasting tan.
  • Daily use of the Platinum Tan Extender can extend the life of your Airbrush Tan by up to two days.
platinum extender

Please call early as appointments get booked up pretty quickly. Buffy Tyler playboy playmate Miss Nov 2000 and ex girlfriend of Hugh Hefner will be using the Hollywood Platinum Airbrush Spray Tan at Bare Tan in Orange County Irvine for all her photo shoots.

Bare Tan's Hollywood Platinum Airbrush Spray Tan gives a customizable, even tan that's non-patchy, non-streaky, odorless, and orange-free. Whether you're getting ready for your prom, your wedding, or any other special event or just want to sport that year-round healthy glowing tan Bare Tan's Hollywood Platinum Formula will give you that just off the beach look. Many Hollywood celebrities use airbrush tanning and have added 'star approval' to this hot new trend.


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