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Cayenne beds

Corona Del Mar Tanning Salon Cayenne

Silver Bullet (Exclusive to BareTan)

  • User controlled body & face tanning intensity with body & face misty breeze system.
  • Tan time: 12 minute max with High pressure facials with XTT(X-Treme Tan Techology).
  • User controlled body cooling with self-contained air conditioner.
  • European style bronzing bed with large tanning surface, 48 VHR bulbs, 6 Separate facial tanners that can be adjusted to low, medium, high, or off
  • On board air conditioning unit with shoulder tanners.
  • Has under 4% UVB rays. Due to higher UVA rays, it usually takes only 3-5 sessions for the tan to mature and see a noticeable difference For base tan come 2 days on 1 day off for 10-14 days, then only 1-2 times per week for maintenance.
  • These beds give a deeper longer lasting tan which is why it requires less maintenance Since its low in UVB rays, you are less likely to get a pink reaction. A more suitable choice for those who burn easily.
  • We offer minute packages which never expire.
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