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Tanning Lotions & More

We sell Designer Skin products. A list of what range of lotions we carry will be online soon.

Using a good quality tanning lotion is very important and strongly recommended. Lotion can increase your tanning results up to 40 %. Keeping your skin clean and moisturized during and after tanning is one of the keys to obtaining incredible results!!

In addition to acceleration, salon-quality tanning lotions are fortified with skin care nutrients that are comparable to any high-end department store skin care moisturizers. Utilizing anti-oxidants such as green tea extracts, vitamin C, CoQ10, Javanese Coffee Extract, Pomegranate, Siberian Ginseng and Alpha-Lipoic Acid, you can feel confident that your skin’s moisture is being replaced and that the lotion is ensuring the prevention of premature aging and wrinkling.

Your Lips have no melanin and will never develop a tan. However UV light from the sun or a tanning unit can cause your lips to dry out and lose color. Always keep your lips moist with an SPF rated lip balm while tanning. Tanning Lotion Coupon ...

Tanning Lotion

  • Designer Skin Black


    Hit the golden jackpot and "color up" with Designer Skin Black 20X Bronzing Body Silk. This wondrous silicone emulsion leaves you feeling so lusciously smooth and soft that it practically melts into your skin. Bronze color so deep, dark, and rich... others will pale in your wake. Experience the Royal Flush of tanning and skincare. For those in the know, Bronze is the new Black.

    Designer Skin Black
  • Worship Me


    As a Designer Skin® devotee, you have become accustomed to the bronzed worship and idolatry. Yawn. In need of the ultimate bronzing boost? Ready to go from beautiful to earth-shattering bronze luminosity? Is that even a word? It is when you use Worship MeTM. When you wear it, you will walk the walk (or should we say strut) as mere mortals pale in comparison.

    Worship Me
  • Tao


    This is the way. Take your first step on the path to bronze enlightenment and master your deepest, darkest tanning potential. Tao® Dark Tanning Dual Bronzer delivers stunning, golden bronze color while leaving your skin sensuously soft. Just don't tan your skin, transcend it with Tao®... the ultimate tanning evolution. The journey starts right now.

  • luminary


    Ascend to the highest bronzing peak and illuminate those around you in the glistening aura of dark tanning perfection. Luminary 25 (XXV) Black Label Private Reserve distinctively combines superior ingredients with stellar bronzers to take you on a journey beyond the outer limits of the bronzing spectrum. Bask in the therapeutic L.E.D.

  • Black Noir


    Often imitated, never duplicated. This extravagant 22X bronzer, derived from our exclusive Black Label Private Reserve, delivers dark color that is truly one of a kind. Allow the luxurious Magical Silicone Emulsion with 2X Opti-Glow to drench your skin, leaving it more silky and radiant than ever before. So let the competition try and steal your secret to outstandingly dark color. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

    Black Noir
  • Bombshell

    BOMBSHELL (bäm-‘shel) noun:
    • 1)

      one that is stunning, amazing, or devastating.

    • 2)

      something or someone havaing a sudden and sensational effect.

    • 3)

      a shocking surprise.

    • 4)

      a very attractive woman.

  • Modern Bombshell


    Hello Gorgeous! This legendary hottie is now hotter than EVER with a 300XX sizzle and a 16X bronzing blend that deliver sexy, dark, alluring color sure to heat up the silver screen. Featuring a groundbreaking Oxygen Infused Anti-Aging Emulsion to give you a timeless look to be admired for years to come. Beauty may be is fleeting, but BombShells are eternal!

    Modern Bombshell
  • Drama Queen


    Extraordinary... never ordinary. Passionate. Wild. Full of life. Never willing to settle. Finally... a glorious dark tanning formula created just for you. Dramatically dark tanning results. Whisper-soft, sensuous skin. Alluring fragrance. That's right. You're more than just a pretty face. You epitomize drama in everything you do. Even your tanning skincare. You are the ultimate Drama QueenTM.

    Drama Queen
  • Hero Worship


    In today's world, we need more than a stimulus...we need a hero. Accelerator by day, activator by night; Hero WorshipTM Dynamic Dual UseTM Formula is the exclusive two-in-one skin necessity that no multi-tasking mortal can resist. Used daily, our proprietary Color AceTM Accelerator delivers deep, dark color while our unique GloAssistTM Complex rescues your skin and activates a brilliant glow.

    Hero Worship
  • Designer skin phoenician


    Emboldened by the mythical symbol of immortality and rebirth, Designer Skin PhoenicianTM Brilliant Dark Tanning Intensifier embellishes the world with gorgeous bronze grandeur and magnificent skincare. Infused with the Immortelle Extract, your luminous skin will sing praises while others worship your every golden step. Behold the Bronze Legend.

    Designer skin phoenician
  • Helix


    For those who expect and demand the best, California Tan's Helix Bronzer offers private reserve levels of the CuO2 Complex. Helix pampers the skin with an exclusive blend of luxurious skin care nutrients, which provide intense hydration as you pursue optimum darkness.

  • Hempz Black Label


    Proprietary AlgoMaxTM technology activates deep-penetrating tanning boosters and achieves a dynamic rate of Melanin synthesis for maximum color density and darkness. Smooth, streak-free, light bronzers are color-balanced to adapt to your skin tone and gradually continue to darken skin to a soft, natural-looking, golden color.

    Hempz Black Label
  • smoke black bronzer


    New MagnaColor tanning technology.
    9 tropical oils and extracts.
    Conditions, protects and hydrates.
    Promotes even, smooth skin tone.

    smoke black bronzer
  • Hammer


    • Dark Tanning Booster Specifically Formulated for Men.
    • Enriched with Skin Supplements.
    • Formulated to meet the unique needs of a man's skin with deeper penetration, cleaner application and revitalizing skin supplements that take your tan to the highest level of deep, dark color and definition.
Designer Skin Black


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