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  • Baretan Testimonial

    Jaime L.

    Huntington Beach, CA


    I'm a newbie when it comes to spray tans. I always thought I would have an orange neon glow, rather than a nice bronzed look.

    I tried the versa spa and it completely changed my mind about spray tanning. I look bronzed and closer to my olive complexion than I thought I would. I now go to Baretan every couple of weeks with my package.

    Its probably the best deal in town and the facilites are nice, clean and the staff is always helpful.

    The only bummer is that sometimes parking can be a drag...

  • Baretan Testimonial

    Stephanie C.

    Irvine, CA


    Not gonna lie, but I love getting my tan on! I rarely have the time to sit out in the sun to tan so I have to resort to fake bake.

    Anyway, this place definitely deserves every star! The staff is really friendly and their place is always SPOTLESS! They have an on-site cleaning crew that immediately wipes down the machines and throw the towels in the washer/dryer as you leave the room.

    Their hours are also fantastic and fits my schedule really well.
    Mon - Fri: 6am - Midnight
    Saturday: 8am - 9pm
    Sunday: 8am - 8pm

    There is almost no wait when you arrive. Of course, depending on which booth you want, some are more popular than others. I particularly like the stand up since my back side burns easily.

    The only draw back I can think of is the price :/ pretty pricey. I bought the package for $160 for 2 weeks unlimited and 14 sessions thereafter. With the purchase of a tanning lotion, total came out to be a little over 2 bills.

  • Baretan Testimonial

    John D.

    Irvine, CA


    My wife and I have been going here, on and off, for four years. It is by far the highest quality, friendliest service you can get in Orange County hands down! The staff is super helpful and friendly. It's never a problem on the rare occasion u have to wait for a bed, cuz their staff are lots of fun to talk to.

  • Baretan Testimonial

    Rachael R.

    Mission Viejo, CA


    Best tanning salon in the OC! Beautiful salon with state of the art equipment, great hours, friendly staff, and my personal favorite is the airbrush tan. I do a lot of sunless tanning and the airbrush spray tan is the way to go. I have always been pleased with my results. The versaspa is also a great sunless tanning option, the machine gives you directions on the positions which makes is it super easy for the 1st timer!

  • Baretan Testimonial

    Avery O.

    FNewport Beach, CA


    I am a faithful spray tanner for years now... I've done mystic tans, I've done the personal spray tans- and baretan is as good as it gets. I have absolutely NO complaints about this place- it's super clean, as other yelpers have mentioned- there is a cleaning crew that comes to your room right when you finish to clean it up. I know I feel especially comfortable knowing my room was legit cleaned before I got there... unlike other places I've been to in the past where there might be one overly tanned girl working the salon, while gabbing on the phone and carelessly swooshing a towel around my room and calling it clean.

    Baretan has a great staff, the girls make you feel very comfortable- which is really important if you are considering an airbrush tan. I personally love them- and I choose to do them in my birthday suit, and that appointment is extremely personal if you know what I mean. The girls at baretan make you feel totally comfortable and give you an extraordinary airbrush tan. I had them airbrush me for my bachelorette party, bridal showers, THE BIG WEDDING DAY :), graduation from my masters program... every big moment in my life, baretan was a part of it.

    If I am in need of a quick tan, I will use their mystic system. Its great for running around town, or going out for a night or vegas weekend. I love the hours of baretan, and when you purchase the package deals (which are fantab deals), they never expire.

    Definitey check them out.


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